Patent Law

Our patent lawyers have a wealth of experience in advising on patent law, whether you are a pharmaceutical or biotech company, a spin out, chemical or generic company or other  technology-based company. We provide patent law advice to companies in any industry sector.

Our patent solicitors are here to guide you through patent legislation and case law. RT Coopers Solicitors does not draft patent applications. Our patent lawyers work with a number of well respected patent attorneys across many disciplines, who will draft your patents.

What I most value about RT Coopers is that their work is very fast, accurate and of the highest quality 

Abdirahman Jama, Director, Molithium Mobile Limited


  • Advising on Patentability (e.g. pharmaceutical drugs, biotechnology drugs, computer programmes)
  • Patent Evaluations
  • Patent Infringement Risk Assessments
  • Patent Infringement Actions
  • Patent Licensing
  • Patent Prosecutions
  • Patent Searches
  • Patent Strategies

RT Coopers’ patent lawyers have the right experience and knowledge of patents to advise and assist you in assessing your patent infringement risks, drafting patent licences, in patent disputes and in advising you on the patentability of your technology.


Patent disputes are generally very costly to pursue or defend and we can help you to minimise your risk of such expensive court actions. We would inform you at each stage of proceedings about the status of your case and the costs incurred. If you want to instruct us, please contact us at

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