Intellectual Property Licensing

RT Coopers represents licensees and licensors in all aspects of intellectual property licensing and provide a premium service. In particular, our IP lawyers can advise and assist you with cross border transactions. When you come to us, our IP lawyers will establish your requirements and provide you with the highest quality practical legal advice including the best way in which to structure your deals.

Intellectual property licensing is complex, especially if you are considering making a patent and/or know how the subject of any licensing arrangement. In such transactions you may need to take into account the Technology Block Exemptions in drafting such licences. Trade mark licences, for instance, require provisions relating to the quality of the products or services that would be sold in connection with the use of the trade mark in question. Furthermore, in the event that you are planning to license your products or services in another country, you should ensure that you have intellectual  property protection in that market. However, you must choose your markets carefully. Our IP solicitors will be able to advise you on the best intellectual property strategy to adopt.

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Whatever intellectual property licensing deal you choose, you must use well drafted agreements. In the event of a dispute later on, being able to rely on a formally drafted document would ensure that you would be protected should a relationship between your business and a third party turn contentious. As an elite law firm we always advise that the risks to your business are much too high to contract with a third party without expressly setting out your legal and commercial requirements in a licence agreement.

Our IP solicitors would be pleased to draft such agreements on your behalf, or to advise you on the best ways in which to manage the risks involved.


With regard to our costs, generally we provide fixed costs for drafting licensing agreements.

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