Intellectual Property Disputes

If you are faced with an intellectual property (IP) dispute then our experienced intellectual property lawyers will advise and assist you on how to achieve a successful outcome or negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Our intellectual property solicitors are experienced in representing clients in a range of intellectual property law disputes, including patent and copyright infringement actions, passing off actions, domain names disputes, trade mark infringement and breach of confidentiality cases.

When you instruct us, we would review in detail the facts as they pertain to your case and assemble the right team to assist you, depending on the elements involved in your potential litigation. Our IP lawyers start every piece of litigation work by considering the merits of your case in light of current legislation and case law in order that our IP solicitors are able to provide you with the highest quality advice. Your case will be managed efficiently, and you will be kept informed at each stage of proceedings by the IP lawyer managing your case.

From the outset of any IP infringement or IP litigation dispute you will be made aware of the costs of pursuing or defending your case. In some instances you can obtain insurance to cover your legal costs. We will provide you wherever possible with costs estimates at each stage of proceedings.

the quality of service proved to be excellent. 

Celia M Gunn, author, A Twist in Coyote’s Tale

In a significant proportion of intellectual property cases, events do not proceed to a full trial and are instead cases are settled out of court. In such circumstances, our IP lawyers will negotiate the best possible settlement on your behalf.

Where your case may involve elements of commercial law, please contact RT Coopers via our main website.


It is difficult to provide an exact quote for IP litigation disputes, however we do try to charge fixed costs wherever appropriate. If you would like to instruct us, please contact us at

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