Domain Names and Internet Disputes

Our intellectual property lawyers will be wiling to represent you in domain names and/or internet disputes acting on behalf of models, sports personalities, start ups, financial institutions, small to medium sized enterprises and large corporations.

Our internet lawyers will deliver guaranteed results when representing you in legal disputes relating to the Internet including copyright infringement, passing off, trade mark infringement as well as domain names disputes.

In the event a third party is using your name, image, logo, signature, slogan, photographs, website content and/or selling your products online without your consent, you should contact us. Our first objective would be to establish the extent of the alleged infringement (you may have to attend a face-to-face meeting, audio, Skype and  send us as many details as you can).

An internet lawyer will then provide you with a cost estimate for analysing the legal issues surrounding your case and to provide you with a letter of advice on the merits of your case, if necessary.

An internet law solicitor  will guide you on tactically how to conduct your case. Once our internet solicitor sends you our letter of advice on the merits of your case, the internet solicitor will also send you a cost estimate for stage 2, provided you have a chance of succeeding. This usually completes stage 1 of your instructions.

Our Internet lawyers choose this approach because it gives you a clear indication of your chances of succeeding against the third party in question.

undefined John Foster (Media Promotions) Limited

I very much appreciated your response to my problem.  It was not surrounded by legal jargon 

John Foster, Managing Director,  

Our internet law solicitors usually charge on a time basis once we have completed stage 1 of your instructions. Litigation costs tend to mount up very quickly and wherever possible we would give you a cost estimate for stage 2.

We require all of our costs for stage 1 to be paid before we proceed to stage 2, unless we have reached an alternative arrangement with you.

The Internet lawyer working on your case will conduct your work with diligence and keep you updated as to progress on a regular basis.

Our Services

Some of our Internet law services include:

  • Advising on copyright infringement of Website Content
  • Advice on Distance Selling
  • Advice on Advertising and Promotions/Misleading Advertising
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Domain Names Disputes
  • Internet Disputes
  • Passing off
  • Trade Mark Infringement

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