Our intellectual property lawyers have considerable experience in drafting and negotiating assignments of intellectual property rights. An assignment is the outright transfer of your intellectual property rights (IPRs) to a third party or assignee. The first step as an assignor (the party transferring the IPRs) is to have some idea of the value of your IPRs. You need to know the value at which you are going to sell them. If you are intending to purchase IPRs, you should know what price you are going to pay for them.

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It is usual practice to have the intention of the parties set out in well drafted Heads of Agreement or memorandum of understanding (MOU). Once this is signed, the assignment can be drafted by an intellectual property lawyer  incorporating the terms and conditions of the Heads of Agreement or MOU. There are situations where an assignee can assist you with the negotiation of royalties on an assignment of IPRs, this would depend on the deal and the value of the IPRs in question.


  • Drafting Copyright, Trade Mark and Patent Assignments
  • Drafting and Negotiating Heads of Agreements
  • Reviewing Assignments
  • Negotiating Intellectual Property Assignments

Examples of Assignments

  • Assignment of IPRs in designs (from designers)
  • Assignment of IPRs in production materials from producers to record labels
  • Assignment of IPRs in literary works from writers to publishing companies
  • Assignment of IPRs in lyrics, performance rights from artists to record labels
  • Assignment of IPRs in contracts of employment of employees
  • Assignment of IPRs in works from consultants to third party companies
  • Assignment of IPRs in logos (from designers)
  • Assignment of IPRs in software (from developers)
  • Assignment of copyright in photographs (from photographers)
  • Assignment of copyright in lyrics and music
  • Assignment of IPRs in scripts
  • Assignment of IPRs in industrial works
  • Assignment of IPRS in products (pharmaceuticals, generics, inventions)
  • Assignment of IPRs in websites (from the developers)


We charge fixed costs for drafting standard assignments of IPRs. If you require us to draft an assignment or negotiate the sale of your business, please contact us at

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For a very informative article on assignments, see Assign or Licence: Intellectual Property Rights.

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